Bathroom Makeover & Restoration Service

We are an established, devoted business with an enviable reputation having provided the very best bathroom renovation and restoration services to our clients for over Twenty Years. We are amongst the most trusted and foremost specialists in delivering inspirational improvement solutions for your bathroom. With us, you do not have to stress over deadlines, quotes, working with numerous suppliers or contractors. We offer all things under one roof with one devoted job manager, proficient and experienced designers, one budget and an ideal shipment pledge. Our team members have experience in all types of bathroom repair and are well versed in all kinds of construction management and procurement and our company believes in teamwork to provide both minor and major improvement   services for our clients.

We will offer you with equivalent strength in providing crucial services including

- Tub and shower liner installation

- Toilet and plumbing installation

- Shower door installation

- Walk-in tub installation

Our portfolio includes appealing, critical design bathroom elements that offer it a little bit of style, and brightening your shower walls with a slash of colors. Our bathroom fit outs are concentrated on landlord-led plans to boost residential or commercial property portfolio's to satisfy existing market trends. This special technique with such a diverse array of services guarantees that our customers get the most expert management and coordination from start to finish at an inexpensive cost.

We can also work along with your group to provide turnkey solutions to deliver top quality services. As part of our vision to provide fully integrated bathroom improvement, our industry-leading yet budget-friendly services ensure that our customers' bathrooms represent the best with respect to working environments and value for investment.

Why us?

Exceptional reputation

For over two decades, we have acquired an established excellent credibility in bathroom refurbishing. We have provided a number of bathroom-remodeling services in various areas, and the quality of our finished product has always been referred to as excellent. Our range of services has grown significantly alongside our experience, and our wide array of sectors is a testament to our success. We have featured amongst the top businesses that are renowned for dependable, precise satisfaction and delivery of job due dates.

Fully scheduled and coordinated fit out program

Our experts comprehend that every company is different. They believe that any organisation can be offered with an array of solutions to enhance space and boost productivity. We frequently manage bathroom setup or refurbishment through a really easy chain, which we project-manage, leaving our clients free to relax or concentrate on their everyday tasks. We take care of the preparation, design, and building with guaranteed completion on time and at the best cost. In addition, our excellent communication throughout the task ensures that we regularly deliver the right quality finish desired in this sector.

Ingenious and cost-efficient solutions

From bathroom fit outs to refurbishments and redecoration, we provide innovative and affordable services that fulfill our customers' needs. We warrant exceptional quality of craftsmanship. Besides our competence, we provide value for money on every project. We also offer innovative bathroom remodeling ideas and latest fashion trends to give the entire job the most up-to-date design and complete improvement services you have always wanted.

Prompt services

Our unparalleled experience and know-how coupled with our proficient, hardworking and dedicated employees constantly ensure that we provide high-quality finishes even in a tight timeframe. We will make sure that your job is completed to a high standard and at the right time, making the renovated bathroom a seamless shift for you.


The Local Environmental Protection Authority takes the environment around the town and its future wellness very seriously. This is why all of our bathroom renovation and restoration works are made with ecological sustainability in mind. We utilize acknowledged environmentally friendly materials, practice efficient garbage disposal, recycling, and embrace a correct use of energy and water.